Top 5 Ways To Fix A Chipped Tooth

Even though for a fact, we all know teeth enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body, this isn't indestructible. In most cases, you'll interact with people who experienced a chipped tooth after biting a hard piece of food or a chunk of ice. This experience can be considered as a kind of trauma that tempers with your smile and confidence. However, with the help of highly qualified dentists, this issue should not trouble you as they got the best solutions for you.

What To Do With A Chipped Tooth

Having chipped tooth and wonder what to do? If you tend to experience this trauma, it's important to properly manage your tooth to avoid severe pains and serious infections. Do not hesitate to visit your local dentist as soon as possible. Thanks to modern dentistry, they got you covered with the solution to such problems using advanced technology, hence the best dental services treatment and dental implants Encinitas. Let's have a look at the top 5 ways to fix a chipped tooth.

• Dental Implants

Dental implants are the preferred dentistry procedure to restore a chipped tooth. With dental implants Encinitas, the dentist can easily remove a chipped tooth then fix an implant. It's done particularly for teeth near a gum line.

• Root Canal

A chipped tooth can result in a severe condition that can be infectious to the pulp that develops in the void space of the tooth. To cope with this situation, a root canal is a preferred dentistry procedure Dentist will help you remove the infection first, then place a crown that prevents infection from spreading.

• Veneers

From porcelain, modern dentistry procedures can now customize colored shells. Veneers is also a dentistry procedure and a vital solution for a chipped tooth to restore your smile. Never feel timid to smile if you happen to experience chipped tooth trauma. Consider veneer as a go-to option to address your dental issues.

• Crown

It's the dental procedure option for broken teeth covering the entire affected portion. Its also considered to be a convenient way of fixing a chipped tooth. Crowns are made from porcelain, metal, and ceramic to help restore the shape and appearance of your teeth. So never doubt yourself to rely on this option as it's the safest procedure for a chipped tooth.

• Dental Sealants

Look at dental sealants as dental treatment options, its ideal for fixing tooth holes, therefore, protecting chipped tooth. In addition, it acts as a barrier to cavity-causing bacteria that may affect your teeth. For dental sealants, they are usually placed at the backside of premolars and molars.


Because chipped tooth relies on the hurt with its damage ranging from mild to severe condition depending on tooth condition, We can all admit that a chipped tooth can as well be considered as a dental emergency, should you experience this problem, never hesitate to contact your local dentist. After exploring the above ways, you can rely on fixing a chipped tooth. Always address the pain and protect your tooth and your mouth from the severe condition.

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